The Illinois Angus Association was founded in 1955, as a state affiliate of the American Angus Association, by a progressive group of Angus breeders. Since then, the Illinois Angus Association has grown to more than 500 members, dedicated to promoting the Angus breed.

Illinois and Wisconsin to host 2018 National Junior Angus Show!

July 7-13, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin
The National Junior Angus Show is a week-long event that is often the highlight of the summer for more than 800 junior Angus members ranging from ages 8-21. Junior members and their families totaling as many as 4000 people travel from nearly 40 states to attend this event. The week, which will focus on youth, will encompass a wide variety of leadership and educational development and will feature the largest single breed cattle show in the world. “Living the Dream in 2018”, is the theme for the 2018 National Junior Angus Show, which will be held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison Wisconsin from July 7-13, 2018, and hosted jointly by the Wisconsin and Illinois Junior Angus Associations.

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Illinois Angus Association Membership

Members of the Illinois Angus Association are listed in our membership directory along with exclusive sale listings and sale and show results. Our Illinois Junior Angus Association members have access to our scholarship program and special junior events. The Illinois Angus Association is also supported by our women’s organization, the Illinois Angus Auxiliary, who work to promote the Angus breed and assist Illinois junior members with their education expenses through scholarship programs.

The Illinois Angus Association hosts a variety of events throughout the year. One of the most popular is the Illinois Angus Futurity, held in conjunction with the Illinois Beef Expo each February. This event is always one of the premier Angus consignment sales in the country.

We also produce the Illinois Angus News, the official publication of our association. The Illinois Angus News is printed as a part of the Illinois Beef magazine, and is dedicated to giving the Angus cattle breeders of Illinois what they want to see. The publication features advertisements, stories, sales reports and industry news.

Join the Illinois Angus Association

The Illinois Angus Association is open to any cattle producer in the state who is interested in Angus Cattle. We also offer membership to the Illinois Junior Angus Association for young people who are interested in promoting the Angus breed. For more information on becoming a member of the Illinois Angus Association, visit our membership page.